Align & Co. Way


Find the employee productivity and management tool you’ve been looking for. We help corporations understand the health of their employees. We do so by utilizing health surveys, diagnostic technology, and proprietary algorithms for risk mitigation.


A whole health approach to corporate wellness. AlignWell® offers levels of engagement for corporate clients from training and collaboration with the current workforce to full management and execution including placing and training providers onsite.

Good ROI vs. Great ROI

The best software you never heard of

AlignIQ® is a data analytics software that helps corporations understand the health of their employees by utilizing health surveys, diagnostic technology and proprietary algorithms for risk mitigation. SKED, the companion to AlignIQ®, is what clients, employees and their families used to receive updates, curated content, track progress, schedule appointments and so much more.

AlignIQ® allows us to connect and incorporate good technology without losing the human element and relationship. It allows us to customize content for the individual employee and communicate directly with the team. Based off your wellness scores, AlignWell® providers train specifically for YOU!

Other ways we use our tech:

  • Send custom automated messages via email or text
  • Set goals and track progress
  • Private feedback and direct messaging
  • Appointment reminders and scheduling
  • Curated graphics and video content
  • Simple app download to start using today!

Championing In-Person Connections

AlignWell® is not a wellness company that gives you tools and leaves you hanging. We provide you content, training and an in-person experience that allows us to speak life and guide you on your wellness journey. Our network of providers offer the human experience where they train you and guide you around habitual changes.

Human connection is just as crucial to our health as Chiropractic care because it can regulate our emotions, improve our immune systems, lower anxiety and more. This in-person experience AlignWell® provides will help engage you and provide you a sense of accountability – like hiring a personal trainer or health coach.

We marry our strong tech and meaningful in-person work to gain the best ROI possible for you and your companies.