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AlignWell® is a wellness brand and company. AlignWell® offers levels of engagement for corporate clients from training and collaboration with the current workforce to full management and execution including placing and training providers onsite.

AlignWell® offers services and information products that are fulfilled with our advanced proprietary software. Our software is designed to increase employee utilization, engagement, and accountability better than any tool on the market.

We Are

A worksite wellness brand offering solutions to companies that provides real change and real outcomes. Utilizing our specialized data analytics software, AlignIQ®, we help companies understand the current health of their employees.

We engage your company to a point where employees are motivated to make wellness a truly integrated part of life. Because of this, you’ll see a decrease in employee absenteeism and increases in productivity, safety and focus. Plus, they’ll become better moms and dads, improved contributors to their communities, and help drive enhanced outcomes for your bottom line.

Our core focus is on shifting entire corporate cultures toward healthier lifestyles.

Our Results

It has become less of a secret that a happy, healthy workforce is a more efficient, more effective workforce. One of the best ways to achieve this is a corporate wellness program providing on-site chiropractic care – this isn’t just an investment in your employees, but also your company – often with a larger return than the investment.

Happier and healthier employees Icon

Happier and healthier

Reduced workers compensation Icon

Reduced workers

Claims and premiums

Better claim and
premium costs

Less employee absenteeism due

Less employee
absenteeism due to sick days

or doctor visits

Improved productivity and morale

Improved productivity
and morale

Reduced staff turnover

Reduced staff


We select and train qualified doctors to take care and educate you and your employees. We ensure they go through top notch training to lead by example exemplifying Align & Co.’s missions and core values.

Custom Solutions

No solution is the same between you and your employees. We use our personable relationships from our doctors and combine that with your employees personal wellness audit results to drive home the best plan possible. This allows us to use key metrics, educate you on your specific concerns and grow together to better wellness!