Frequently Asked Questions

Understand more about the Align & Co. umbrella and see some common questions around what we offer and how we can help you!

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Lunch and Learns. Online Courses. On site adjusting.

We customize plans to your budget but always recommend a mixed model where employees pay something each month along with employer contributions. This helps lower the burden on the company and also increases buy-in for employees.

  1. Specific: We use our software to tailor programs to your company and down to individual employees. We don’t believe in generic wellness programs because they don’t deliver anything except a small expense to your P&L.
  2. Credentialed: Unlike other programs, we only work with licensed health care providers. These providers can ask questions of your employees that a business cannot. With this information, providers can work diligently to help employees reach health goals and make meaningful change.
  3. Technology: We have software no one else has that allows us to be specific and use proven methods to drive engagement.

Each provider is licensed within their state and has years of experience. Providers are vetted, interviewed, and trained to meet standards that are redefining what corporate wellness can look like. We only work with providers who consistently meet our quality standards.

As you can imagine, ROI can vary case to case, but our average return is 5:1.

3-5 minutes

We have marketing materials that can be given to new employees that will talk about what we do and the benefits they will receive. They will need to go to the providers office for an initial exam and x-rays, and once that is complete they will begin to receive all the benefits we have to offer as well as seeing the provider on site!

Complete the wellness audit, assessment / xrays.

Outside of chiropractic care, we offer robust benefits of having a dedicated FGP (Fairy God Person), Integrator (doctor that specializes in data analysis to help your company with strategic health plans for your workforce) and telehealth consulting available with your packages. We also provide access to a knowledge system of courses on how to better manage and alleviate your main symptoms.